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What's Good Purposeful People!!!!! I am LaShawn Spry, affectionately known as Your Purpose Pusher. I am a Pastor, Psalmist, Author, Certified Life Coach, Calculated Planner, Motivational Speaker, and Talk Show Host. I have been gifted with the ability to utilize my wisdom, knowledge, life experiences and spiritual gifts to ignite purpose in women.


I began my career with the Police Department in 1998. Very quickly a spark ignited within me; a desire to help people. Years later I began serving at the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Miami Gardens, under the Pastoral Leadership of Pastor Arthur Jackson III. This is where I met my now husband, Pastor Robert E. Spry II.


After receiving the call of God upon my life, I was ordained as an Evangelist June 2011. In November of that same year, my husband and I founded the Purpose Church in Miami Gardens, FL. Our mission is to cultivate potential and propel people to purpose through ministry. June 2017, I was ordained as a Pastor and I now serve as Associate Pastor, alongside my husband.


I have a passion for women and assisting them in fulfilling their God given purpose. Because of this, I enrolled in the Bentley Coaching Institute January 2012, where I obtained my Life Coaching Certification. I then founded "Purposeful Living with LaShawn Spry", where my mission is to utilize my life experiences and spiritual gifts to encourage, inspire and empower the purpose-driven woman to live successfully in every area of her life. I specialize in one on one coaching and motivational speeches which challenge women to cultivate their God-given potential. I also develop a calculated plan that has the power to transfer your visions and dreams from your heart to your hands. Lastly, I have developed a mentoring group called “Forever Becoming” for the purpose of assisting in the evolution process of powerful girls and young women to discover and live out their purpose.


My husband and I are a blended family and are the proud parents of three handsome sons and four beautiful daughters.


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